Learning through Design - MLE and MLP

The majority of school buildings were built between 1950 and the 70s. Since then, teaching practice and student learning needs have changed significantly. New technologies and building materials allow for new, vibrant and well-connected learning spaces. The new building allows Redwoodtown students to be taught in this new modern learning environment, and benefit from new teaching methods.

Our philosophy is to teach students the skills to be an effective citizen in the twenty-first century. Underpinning this belief is that students learn best collaboratively, through student voice and with a focus on the key competencies of relating to others, managing self, participating and contributing, using language, symbols and text and thinking.

The Senior Syndicate teach the new Modern Learning Environment. Students learn in four spaces withiin the new building; Pelorus, Awatere, Wairau and Opawa. Through the school vision of Effective Learners: Effective Citizens, students become effective learning the right skills, in the right space, with the right tool by managing themselves taking agency in their learning.

The Middle Syndicate teach in newly renovated spaces. Two teachers teach with flexible learning environments where a class can be taught independently or combine with learners from an adjacent class through a shared area.


Learning by Design (A MLE/MLP Journey)