1. FUNSTICKS $60 per player

 For Years 1 & 2 (and 4year olds)

 To be held on Monday afternoons, 3.30pm-4.30pm, (All sessions are weather dependent)

 First session Monday 6th May

 Final session 12th August

2. YEARS 3 & 4 COMPETITION $70 per player

 To be played on Monday afternoons, first games 4.45pm (All games are weather dependent)

 Competition games will begin on Monday 6th May

 6 aside, on quarter of the turf, no goalies

 Finals night 12th August, no games during the holidays

3. YEARS 5 & 6 COMPETITION $75 per player

 To be played on Tuesday afternoons, first games 3.45pm, (All sessions are weather dependent)

 Competition games will begin on Tuesday 7th May

 6 field players + a goalie, on half the turf (There will be goalie kits available at the turf for teams to use.

If no goalie is played then teams can only play 6 field players)

 Finals night/prize giving August 13th, no games during the holidays

4. Year 7 & 8 COMPETITION $110 per player

 To be played on Wednesday afternoons – first games 8th May, from 3:45pm (Games will only be

cancelled in extreme weather)

 The first round will be 6 field players + a goalie.

 The remaining competition will be 11 aside on full turf. (Sundays may be required to complete the


 Hockey Marlborough 11 aside competition rules apply.

 Appointed Umpires to control these matches.

 Finals day Sunday 18th August

Please register online using the link here.


Year 1/2 - $60 per player

Year 3/4 - $70 per player

Year 5/6 - $75 per player

Year 7/8 - $110 per player

Please pay to Redwoodtown School

12 - 3167 - 0115217 - 00

Student name and sport as reference please.


All players will be required to wear their Redwoodtown School Tops, mouth guards and shin pads.

Please let your Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 coaches know that the first two weeks will start with skills /drills sessions run by Hockey Marlborough followed by short games to finish.  To help coaches with drill ideas, and understanding expectations and game knowledge.


Coaching for Coaches

A workshop designed to support our Junior Coaches with development by sharing resources and providing information, on ball carrying, passing, receiving, tackling and elimination skills.  The understanding and correct execution of basic skills to a high level for our junior players leading to player fulfilment.  Monday 3rd April 5:30pm at College Park Turf, on Stephenson Street.  Open to those who are returning and new.

Registration link



Umpire Development Clinic with Canterbury Hockey Association Officials Development Officer Ethan Booth. Upskill your game understanding for this coming winter season, focusing on a fun, fair & safe environment for everyone. Learn positioning, signals, playing advantage and more. Open to all ages and abilities of umpiring Wednesday 3rd April, at College Park , on Stephenson Street at 5:30pm.  Click on the following link to register: