Reporting to Parents

The school reports to parents regularly on the progress of their child. Reporting methods include:

  • "Meet the Teacher" evening
      • At the beginning of the year, a parent/teacher meeting is held to meet parents/caregivers and explain class routines, timetables, achievement expectations for the particular year level, etc.
  • Learning conferences
      • Students have a learning conference after interim reports have been sent home. These conferences are held at the beginning of term 3 for all students and provide an opportunity for parents, the student, and the teacher to discuss the student's progress and next learning steps.
  • Written reports
      • Each child receives two written reports each year. The Interim Report is sent home at the end of term 2 and details the students progress and achievement in all curriculum areas as well as against our schools values. The End of Year Report is sent home at the end of the year and provides a snapshot of learning throughout the year and their achievement, progress and next learning steps.
  • Celebrations of learning
      • This is an opportunity for students to share their learning with parents through oral, written, and visual presentations. These occur at the end of inquiry units of learning and can take many different forms including assemblies for drama, dance and music, whole school productions, Science demonstrations or actions within the school or wider community.
  • Informal parent interviews
      • Parents are encouraged to arrange a time with the class teacher to discuss their child's progress at school and talk about any behavioural or learning difficulties that are impacting on their child.