Health & PE

He oranga ngakau, he pikanga waiora

Positive feelings in your heart will enhance your sense of self-worth.

Health and Physical Education at Redwoodtown School embodies The New Zealand Curriculum's vision for our young people and enables them to develop the knowledge, values, and competencies to live full and active lives.

It is about them taking responsibility for improving their own well-being and the well-being of their communities.

Learning in health education, physical education, and home economics helps students grow as "confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners", who are ready to contribute to their world.

Some of the programs/activities we offer at Redwoodtown School:

  • Life Education
  • Pause, Breath, Smile
  • Kids Edible Garden
  • Swimming
  • Ki o rahi tournament
  • Ride on Marlborough (Y6)
  • Keeping Ourselves Safe
  • Changes at Puberty (Year 5-8)
  • Dog Safety
  • Swimming Sports
  • Whites Bay Picnic
  • Gym Festival
  • Our Annual Fun Run
  • Athletic Sports