Redwoodtown School uses Seesaw, which gives your child creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning - in real time. Their work is then shared with you.

Seesaw will give you a window into each of our classrooms and into your student’s learning process.

You can download Seesaw’s Parent App for iOS, Android, or use the web to view your student’s learning artefacts. When your child adds new work, you will receive a notification to see, hear, or comment to your child’s learning item. You only have access to your own child’s work and all of the content is stored securely.

Google Apps

Year 3 - 8 students have individual Google logins and are using this to form connections as good Digital Citizens. Having individual logins allows our students to create, share and edit files in real time. They have the ability to create Blogs, collaborate send e-mails and access their digital world via any device - both at home and at school. They are able to personalise their learning and use Apps that will help them with their understanding like Google Voice and Google Talk.