Kiwican & Stars Teina

Kiwi Can is a life skills and values programme delivered to Year 0-6 students by trained Kiwi Can leaders with every child attending a Kiwi Can lesson once a week, every week of the school year.

Kiwi Can is underpinned by this whakatauki (proverb):

Iti rearea, kahikatea tei tei, ka taea

Even the small rearea bird can ascend to the great heights of the Kahikatea tree

Each term Kiwi Can focuses on a new Value - Positive Relationships, Integrity, Respect and Resilience.

Stars Teina

Stars Teina is the follow-on programme from Kiwi Can for Year 7/8 students in a suite of Graeme Dingle Foundation programmes that aim to:

"Inspire all school age New Zealand children to reach their full potential through programmes that help build self-esteem, promote good values and which teach valuable life, education and health skills.”

Focusing on four key priorities, the Stars Teina programme is designed to:

  • Help students make a successful transition into Intermediate and/or Secondary school

  • Strengthens the sense of community within a school by bringing younger and older students together to develop positive relationships

  • Encourages older students to role model positive behaviour

  • Builds student confidence and life-skills that can be transferred to their school and community

Stars Teina sits within the Kiwi Can framework and works in the four themes of Positive Relationships, Respect, Integrity and Resilience over a two-year rolling programme. Deliverers called ‘Facilitators’